OBX Summertime Lifehacks

Here are a few life hacks and tips for folks coming to the beach for the summer or who are somewhat new to the Outer Banks lifestyle.


Look at long-term weather forecasts and plan trips when not raining. Most vacationers will be on the beach during good weather. Sunny mornings early in the week are the least crowded on the roads.

Eating Out

Order take-out during the work week and dine in on weekends. Vacationers often want to take out their first night here.

Beach time

Weekends are usually the quietest days on the beach because most vacationers are traveling.  It’s also fun to watch new arrivals as they see the beach for the first time.

Upgrading your beach house

Summer is the best time to talk with contractors.  Finalize improvement plans for the fall.  That way you won’t be rushing to get improvements done before the busy spring season.