Remodels & Renovations

Sandmark Custom Homes also specializes in remodeling and renovating homes to provide the style and luxury of a new home. Our design and building process for custom remodels parallels that of new custom homes, as many of our renovations involve whole-house transformations. We understand that older homes often require upgrades such as energy-efficient windows and doors, improved heating and air systems, modernized cabinetry and countertops, upgraded appliances, new flooring, electrical updates, fresh paint, revamped siding, and roof repairs.

Located in the breathtaking Outer Banks, our homes offer not only beauty but also a place to enjoy quality time with loved ones. From the stunning beaches to the tranquil sound, from the picturesque sand dunes to myriad attractions, the Outer Banks has it all. However, such a coastal paradise also brings challenging elements, including salt air, high humidity, scorching heat, relentless sunshine, strong winds, hurricanes, and nor’easters. With our extensive experience in remodeling and renovating homes in this unique environment, we’ve gained valuable insights into what works best and what doesn’t.

At Sandmark Custom Homes, we are committed to enhancing the structure and functionality of your home while creating a captivating living experience.

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