About Us

The Past. The Present. The Future.

Growing up in Stafford, Virginia, Mark was rooted in heavy construction. He mastered his craft while working on the reconstruction of the prestigious Arlington Memorial Bridge in Washington, DC. Meanwhile, Sandy’s upbringing in Reston, Virginia, laid the foundation for her expertise in the construction and home-building business, a legacy passed down by her father.

Mark and Sandy crossed paths at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. Their shared passion for construction and building prompted Mark to join Sandy’s father’s company. Together, they embarked on managing the construction of custom homes and renovations in Reston, McLean, and Great Falls, Virginia. Mark worked his magic as a skilled Project Manager, while Sandy honed her marketing skills and customer service.

Mark has a passion for the home building industry, evident in his leadership roles and dedication to giving back. In 1996, Mark and Sandy made the move from Reston, Virginia to Southern Shores, North Carolina to create a loving home for their two children. It was there that they founded Sandmark Custom Homes, a custom home-building company that has proudly served the Outer Banks for over 27 years.

Mark’s influence expanded beyond his local community. He served as a two-term President of the Outer Banks Home Builders Association, earning the esteemed Builder of the Year Award four times and the OBHBA Lifetime Achievement Award. Mark’s commitment to excellence is evident in the numerous Parade of Homes Awards he has received. He continues to actively participate in the OBHBA Legislative Committee and recently rejoined the OBHBA Board of Directors. In 2020, Mark was elected President of the North Carolina Home Builders Association.

Sandy, a licensed Realtor, works alongside Jeff Scott at Scott Team Realty in Southern Shores. With her versatile skillset, she oversees client relations, interior design, marketing, accounting, and business management for Sandmark Custom Homes. Sandy’s passion for community development is also notable, as she currently serves on the Outer Banks Health Development Council and has held the position of Chairperson from 2021 to 2023. Additionally, she has made significant contributions as a Gala Sponsorship Chair, Co-Chair of Cancer Shucks, and member of the Cancer Center Campaign.

Together, Mark and Sandy remain committed to their industry and look forward to continuing their involvement with home builders and associates across North Carolina and the country. Their dedication, experience, and love for their work make them a dynamic duo in the world of custom home building.

Amidst all their accomplishments, their proudest moments revolve around their children, Sam and Amanda. Now grown, Sam, is a talented Executive Chef at Three Notched Brewery Company in Charlottesville, VA. He acquired his skills through sheer hard work and determination. He is set to marry Jessie Miles, a bright mind working in Student Affairs at UVA and pursuing her education in Emergency Management. Together, they have a faithful black Labrador named Pepper, who adds extra joy to their lives.

Amanda, on the other hand, embarked on a different path. Her adventurous spirit led her to become a traveling nurse, navigating the challenges of Covid with resilience. With unwavering dedication, she completed her requirements to become a Nurse Practitioner. Amanda married her partner, Rocky, in a magical autumn ceremony in 2018 in Umbria, Italy. Rocky, a talented writer and podcaster, adds creativity and inspiration to their daily lives. Zoey, their dog, completes their family.

Through their journey filled with love, passion, and a commitment to their community, Mark and Sandy continue to shape an extraordinary story that spans across time – a story etched with the threads of dedication, growth, and family.