Coastal Building

Know the Details of Building on the Coast

Imagine waking up to the refreshing scent of salt in the air, feeling the cool ocean breezes gently brushing against your skin, and basking in the warm glow of the sun-filled days – that’s what beach life is all about. But amidst the bliss, it’s important to remember that coastal homes require a little extra love and care. Let us share some insights to help you navigate the challenges.

Did you know that the tantalizing salt residue can wreak havoc on your home’s hardware, fasteners, even heat pumps and door locks? And those sunny rays, while glorious, can be ruthless, baking your siding, paint, plastics, and woodwork – shortening their lifespan. Even the seemingly innocent ocean breezes can unexpectedly transform into hurricane-force winds!

Fortunately, we have the expertise to minimize the long-term costs and preserve the beauty of your coastal home. We only use materials that can stand up to the elements – stainless steel fasteners, double hot dipped bolts and washers, LP Smart Siding, cedar siding, aluminum metal roofing, 50-year architectural shingles, ice and water shield, and window tape – these are the building blocks that ensure the durability and longevity of your home.

We understand that using these materials may increase the initial construction costs, but on the coast, they are vital. So why compromise when you can have a home that not only looks stunning but can withstand the test of time?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our experts in coastal building today. Let’s discuss how we can build or remodel a property that perfectly suits your lifestyle.