Remembering a Few Special People

Bill JonesOn October 31st we lost Bill Jones with Northeastern Marine Construction. We met Bill when we moved to the Outer Banks in 1996 when he installed the pilings for our house. Bill installed the pilings in almost all of our new homes and remodeling projects since we moved here. Bill is missed by so many, especially his amazing wife, Tamara Jones. We met Tamara when Sam and Amanda were at Kitty Hawk Elementary, as she was their teacher. Please keep Tamara and the Jones family in your thoughts and prayers

Jim DixonOn my birthday, December 9th, we lost Jim Dixon, a close family friend that lived here on the Outer Banks. I have known Mr. D since my days at Oakton High School where I met his daughter Renee. Mr. D put up an unbelievable 8-year fight with ALS. His wife Barbara cared for him up to the very end. Please keep this wonderful family in your thoughts and prayers.

And lastly, we lost my grandmother, Meme on December 14th. She lived an amazing life, and we were all blessed to have her for 97 years. There are not enough words to describe my grandmother. She was an incredibly special lady that was loved by everyone and we all miss her so much

I will always think of you when we have shrimp and crabs in the summertime, at Thanksgiving when we make cranberry salad, at Christmas time making fudge, playing Phase 10, crossword puzzles, and so much more.  Every time I see a butterfly, I know you will be watching over each of us. And when we can be all be together to celebrate your life we will, all we in purple.

Amanda summed it up pretty good too…….

“I am still so in shock that you’re gone. It does not seem real. It does not seem fair.

But I’m so grateful for the memories we created. From the holidays, your birthday dinners, graduations, meals in the living room while watching Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune (of course with the volume way too loud ), dinners at Coach & Four, climbing the tree in your front yard, and everything in between.

Cheers to you and the beautiful life & family you built! Drinking a Zinfandel for you babe!”

4 Generations of