Martin’s Point Kitchen Remodel

Want to see the process involved with the Martin’s Point Kitchen Remodel? No worries! See the entire album below after a message from Sandy Martin.

“Getting to work with clients to remodel their homes is always exciting as you watch the transformation from the old to the new. One of our favorite kitchen remodels was for Eddie and Lou Miller in Martin’s Point. They have lived in this home for over 30 years and the kitchen was screaming for an update. The space served them well for 30 years. From raising 3 children, then grandchildren, from newborns to graduating high school, to family holidays and celebrations. It was time.”

“This kitchen remodel required some imagination and trust from the Miller’s on our idea for making the kitchen larger, making the dining room smaller, and moving their laundry room upstairs so it would be closer to the master bedroom suite. Cozy Kitchens installed the cabinets 30 years ago, so of course we went back to Cozy Kitchens for the new kitchen.”

“The beautiful white cabinets and the two blue islands give them plenty of room for large family gatherings while also giving them space for the two of them for their meals. We wish them many years of creating more family memories in their new kitchen.”

To view the Martin’s Point Kitchen Remodel, view here.