Check Your New Flood Zone

In June the revised Federal flood maps were approved by Dare County. Currituck’s maps were approved late last year. Both of these maps were based on much more accurate elevations. As a result, many properties were designated as less likely to flood. This is good news because it should allow many homeowners the opportunity to obtain a less expensive flood insurance premium. In some cases, properties that lenders used to require the homeowner to carry flood insurance no longer have to. These particular homeowners are likely to bNew Flood Zoneenefit the most with lower flood insurance premiums.

So is your house safer from flooding now than it was before these new maps came out? No, in fact, some Dare County municipalities have changed their ordinances to make sure people don’t build heated living area in areas that are more likely to flood. If you are thinking of adding on or building new then it’s a good idea to talk with Mark or Sandy. They are familiar with these new ordinances and how they might affect your improvement. They can also help you determine if your flood zone has changed to see if you can save some money on your flood insurance premium.

Find out more about the flood maps here.

Jeff Scott with Scott Team Realty