Awarded First Place For “Best Renovation”

When it came time to upgrade our Outer Banks home in 2006, we noticed a house down the street that was under renovation. We spoke with the owners and were allowed to view the work in progress. It was a Sandmark Custom Homes project. Since it was not completed we were able to see the work “uncovered” and were delighted with the workmanship. We called Mark Martin and spoke with him about our project. We planned a major renovation including a 30% increase in floor space, with total roof truss replacement. Every time we visited the site, Mark was there. He coordinated all of the work and kept us on schedule and on budget. We couldn’t be happier with the results. Our renters refer to our house as the “Happy House” because of the construction and diversity of colors we used. At the end of our project our house was included in the Outer Banks Home Show and we were awarded a first place plaque for “Best Renovation”. Thanks Sandmark!

– Bob & Anne Rhome