Succulent Mini Garden

Succulent Mini GardenWant to experiment with a succulent mini garden this summer? Show off your collection with these 10 container design ideas for indoors or outside! Succulents are wildly popular with beginning gardeners and seasoned horticulturists for good reason. They come in so many different color and styles, the design possibilities are endless! Make sure you are equipped with the right materials, sunlight, and water for your plants to grow. This project is definitely on our to-do list.

Check out the article, “Succulents in Containers: The Ultimate Easy-Care Garden” by Lauren Hoang with Houzz. She demonstrates how each container can offer different looks and landscapes to your space. Each one shows various color coordination and plant types so you can really get creative when decorating with your succulents! Potted up as patio accents or living centerpieces, succulents in containers can enhance your living spaces both inside and out. Ready to get going on a succulent mini garden? Grab the family and get planting. We can’t wait to see what you come up with this summer.

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