Subcontractor Spotlight: Doug Styons, Styons Surveying Services, PA

Styons Surveying ServicesSandmark Custom Homes works with many fine subcontractors on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. We are pleased to highlight them each month in our newsletter. October’s Contractor Spotlight is Doug Styons from Styons Surveying Services, PA.

Styons Surveying Services, PA has been serving the Outer Banks area since January of 1990. The company is dedicated to providing the best surveying services by taking time to get to know their clients. Contact Doug Styons to learn more about Styons Surveying Services, PA.

Find out more about Styons Surveying Services, PA below and how to contact them below.  

Name: Doug Styons

Company: Styons Surveying Services, PA

How long have you worked at Styons Surveying Services, PA?  I started Styons Surveying Services, PA in Jan. of 1990.

What is your favorite thing about your job?  I enjoy surveying because it is a combination of outside and inside work and you find yourself in places that many times you know not many people have been.

If you could do another job for a day what would it be and why? Being a charter boat captain would be cool for a day, but I know just like anything if you depended on it for a living and with the hours those guys have, I’m sure the thrill would not be so thrilling as a daily grind.

How long have you worked with Mark & Sandy? I believe it has been about 21 years, the first job I did with them was their personal home in Southern Shores.

What is your favorite thing to do on the Outer Banks? I have always enjoyed skiing, surfing, basketball, and  football but these days just soaking in the Atlantic Ocean and taking in that salt air is a wonderful experience, that is, when I’m not watching my kids grow up being active in various sports and activities. It’s not on the Outer Banks, but I do have a passion for deer hunting.

What brought you to the Outer Banks? In May of 1981, I graduated with an AAS Degree in Surveying, got a job with a local surveying and engineering outfit and quickly realized I wasn’t going anywhere. It was a good fit for me since I grew up in Elizabeth City coming to this beach as much as I could during the summer months.

For all your surveying services contact Doug Styons with Styons Surveying Services, PA

Phone: 252-441-1415

Email: [email protected]