Sandy Joins Outer Banks Hospital Development Council

In January, the Outer Banks Hospital Development Council honored Sandy by asking her to become a member.  Sandy has served on the sponsorship committee the past few years and chaired the sponsorship committee for the 2017 OHB Gala, which gave her the opportunity to see all the good things the Development Council and the Outer Banks Hospital does for our community. Sandy is looking forward to working with this amazing group and continuing to bring more programs to the Outer Banks.

MARK your calendars now for the 2018 Outer Banks Hospital Gala—New York, New York—on  Saturday, February 10th at Duck Woods Country Club in Southern Shores.

Since its inception, the Outer Banks Development Council has underwritten the following programs and more to expand cancer care on the Outer Banks:

  • The Health Coach, a 39’ Winnebago bringing vital health screenings at no charge to the community
  • Get Pinked! – raising funds to improve breast health on the Outer Banks
  • Get Pinked! And More – raising funds for cancers other than breast
  • Lymphedema Therapy –  to reduce swelling in areas affected by cancer treatment
  • Leasing stereotactic breast biopsy equipment
  • Purchasing an ultrasound machine to detect breast and other cancers
  • Purchasing a hematology analyzer to detect malignant processes in the body
  • Construction of a chemotherapy mixing room at The Outer Banks Hospital

Congratulations to everyone at the Outer Banks Hospital on its recent 15th Anniversary!

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