Sandmark Custom Homes Celebrates 20 Years

Sandmark Custom Homes Celebrates 20 Years on the Outer Banks

Sandmark First job siteWould you believe that twenty years ago this month we loaded up our cars and a U-Haul, strapped in our two children and headed off on an adventure? The destination? The beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina. A new home and a new business, Sandmark Custom Homes. Most of our family and friends thought we were crazy! And we were. But, if you don’t take a chance in life, you never know what will happen.

That beginning was a little crazy as we experienced three hurricanes in one month! It sure did test us!  20 years later we have weathered many storms and hurricanes that have passed through the Outer Banks.

Martin Home Pilings

Mark & his dad installing pilings on their home.

amanda in front of Mark and sandys house

Amanda playing in front of their future home

We raised two children that are now amazing adults following their dreams. Sam is a chef in Reston, VA and Amanda is a nurse in Wilmington. We are very proud parents.

In the past twenty years, we have been very lucky to meet many clients who trusted us to make their dream of owning a home on the Outer Banks a reality. Over those twenty years, we made many friendships we these great people.

We quickly learned what a giving community we have here in the Outer Banks. Volunteering is the best way to meet people and serve at the same time. We still volunteer and contribute to our community, and we are pleased to say that ALL of our clients contribute to the community and our causes with their time, money, energy, and expertise. Their love of the Outer Banks makes working with them that much more special.


The house that Mark built


Mark & Sandy having lunch on the front steps

So thank you. Thanks to all our wonderful clients that have allowed us to fulfill our dreams. Thank you for letting us call the Outer Banks home for the past 20 years! Thank you for working with Sandmark Custom Homes. Here’s to the next 20 years!