RENOVATE Before You Sell

Jeff Scott with Scott Team Realty - Renovate Before You Sell! Jeff Scott with Scott Team Realty Renovate Before You Sell! 

It is not uncommon to hear buyers say during their Outer Banks search process, “There’s nothing available that has been updated.” Frequently vacation homeowners on the Outer Banks decide to enjoy their property instead of updating it.  In many ways that makes sense.  Why would you make big improvements if you only use it just a couple of months a year?  Also, why would you take time away from your vacation working with vendors to update your house?

Because most Outer Banks homes are not updated; having new flooring, paint, kitchens, and bathrooms really make a house stand out among the competition. If you do not need to change the floor plan, then now’s the time of year to get started on these items.  Renovate before you sell. If you start now you will not have to worry about them being incomplete before the next rental season and you’ll be ready to sell either in the spring or in the fall after using it next summer. If you are worried about spending all that time with contractors, then call Sandy and Mark with Sandmark Custom Homes.  They can make good suggestions and manage the whole process for you.