Perfect Bathroom Setups

Perfect Bathroom SetupsWe have found the perfect bathroom setups to share with you! Vaulted-ceiling skylights, alcove showers, and built-in storage put these 10 spaces to good use. As you may know, laying out a bathroom is tricky enough in a standard-size space. Add in sloping ceilings and unexpected nooks, and bathroom designers face particular challenges. Sometimes you may have limited square footage to work with. Have no fear, guidance is here. Here are 10 bathrooms that put their interesting lines to work. Picking your favorite might be difficult!

Check out the article, “These Bathrooms Play All the Angles” by Gwendolyn Purdom with Houzz. She models charming spaces and noteworthy architecture. Did you see the patterned floors with the granite countertops? Absolutely beautiful! She also shows how simple ideas can create unique bathrooms. Each floorplan offers new inspiration and a fresh twist. There is no need to have a basic bathroom any longer. We can’t wait for our next remodel…we have new tips to try out!

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