OBHBA Triple Crown of Exemplary Service Award

The Outer Banks Home Builders Association (OBHBA) recognized three local home builders with a Triple Crown of Exemplary Service Award during their January 18, 2017, monthly meeting. Duke Geraghty, Dave Stormont, and Mark Martin were recognized for their more than twenty years of commitment and service to the community and industry, the Outer Banks Home Builders Association, and the North Carolina Home Builders Association. Take a look at how they earned this recognition:

  • 6 vice presidential, 6 presidential and 6 past presidential terms at OBHBA
  • A total of 21 years on the Board of Directors
  • 5 years at Membership Committee Chair
  • 8 Builder of the Year Awards
  • 3 Lifetime Achievement Awards
  • 44 years of Legislative Committee Participation
  • 45 years of Parade of Homes participation (with 58 homes)
  • 23 Parade of Homes Awards
  • 48 years of Foundation Club commitments
  • Over $45,000 in BuildPAC contributions

This group is also recognized for the incalculable hours spent over the past 20 years in the following areas:

  • Local government meetings
  • Community Service
    • Food pantry drives
    • Wheelchair ramps
    • Support & work on the Dare County schools
    • COA
    • American Cancer Society Relay for Life
    • Building eleven Habitat for Humanity Homes (before the chapter closed down).
  • Representing the OBHBA at the State level:
    • On various committees including Building Codes and Legislative
    • Education
    • NC Code Council
    • Builders Mutual Insurance
    • As Regional Vice Presidents and a State President

Maxine Rossman has served as executive officer of the OBHBA for each of these men. Thanks to all three and to Maxine for your accomplishments in the home building industry, and support of the Outer Banks and the State of North Carolina.

What makes this so amazing is the friendship these three men have shared for more than 20 years. It is very rare that you can find three men in the same industry in the same area that are such great friends and are always there for each other in business lives and personal lives.

Our Congratulations to Duke Geraghty with Starco Realty & Construction, Dave Stormont with Storm Coast Homes and Mark Martin with Sandmark Custom Homes! Three of the best! It was an amazing night. I wonder how many miles you have each put on your vehicles traveling the state and beyond.