Natural Disaster Preperation

Natural Disaster PreperationIt’s something we hope we never have to face, but natural disaster preparation is a necessity. It’s a conversation you might hesitate to have with your kids or family members. What to do if a hurricane, tornado or wildfire was headed toward your house? The good news is that it doesn’t have to be traumatic! Now is a good time to start the conversation and get organized.

Check out the article “How To Prepare Your Family For a Natural Disaster” by Anne Colby with Houzz. She discusses how you can raise the subject without scaring them. Some of the suggestions she offers are to listen, be honest, avoid graphic images, and empower them by reassurance. Also, have an emergency plan and know the parameters. It’s important everyone knows their role or steps to take in the process.

We hope you can learn something that aids in your natural disaster preparation. Read the entire article for more details and helpful suggestions that will keep your family safe.