Inspirational Small Bathrooms

Inspirational Small BathroomsIf you want to remodel but don’t have a lot of room, take a look at these inspirational small bathrooms. These designers saved space and still delivered style and function with minimal square footage, and so can you! A lot of bulky elements make up a bathroom and have to be included in the designs. There are plenty of reasonable ways to work around them and still have a beautiful space. Also, don’t miss the “Designer Tips” offered though tidbits of information. Ready to get started?

Check out the article, “New This Week: 7 Inspiring Small Bathrooms” by Mitchell Parker with Houzz. He shows how adding standard measurements with some unique features can make your limited space unique. The countdown of these seven bathrooms shows you how to achieve functionality without the toilet and sinks being too cramped. Our favorite was “Blue Heaven” because of the color scheme and mixed-in metals. Their tween is sure to love her remodel. Which one is your favorite?

We hope you enjoyed and were able to learn from these inspirational small bathrooms!

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