Building and Remodeling FAQs

Sandmark Will Be With You From Question to Completion

I found a house plan in a house plan book. Can you build it on my lot?

That depends on the house plan. In most cases you cannot build a house from a house plan book on the beach. The building code and zoning restrictions on the coast are such that the plans need to be modified too much to build from those plans. We suggest that you contract with us or a local design firm to design your home. We will look at any home plan that you like and use that as a starting point for designing your home. In addition we will discuss your needs and lifestyle to determine the best home plan for you. Another important component is your lot. Views, surroundings, neighbors, contours, and vegetation are all important elements in designing your home.

What are construction costs these days and how much does it cost to build per square foot?

We do not price construction by the square foot. There are too many variables and client preferences that go into determining the cost of a home or remodel. Some of the components within a home are priced per square foot but not the total package. Granite counter tops are much more expensive than laminate counter tops. Hardwood flooring and ceramic tile are more expensive than carpet. Ten foot high and vaulted ceilings cost more than a flat eight foot ceiling. After we meet and discuss your project, we can give you a price range to build.

Can I buy a house and have Sandmark remodel it?

Almost a third of our business is remodeling existing homes for a new buyer before they move into it. Many times people new to the area will purchase a home and have us add some space and update the existing space to better meet their needs. Updating kitchens, bathrooms, and flooring, as well as painting inside and out will transform most houses into a personalized living space that the new owner can call their own.

I have an older home. Should I remodel it or tear it down and build new?

That depends on your situation. Starting with your wish list, we will do a feasibility study to see if we can remodel your existing home or if it would be better to tear it down and build something new that is not subject to the limitations of the existing home. We have seen many cases in which it is less expensive to build a new house than to remodel the existing one. Sometimes we help people sell their existing home, relocate in the area, and remodel another home. The feasibility study will help determine which is the best course of action for you.

What is your process for getting started with design and building?

We start with an initial meeting to discuss what it is that you would like to do. From there we can start a feasibility study. A feasibility study will take a look at the proposed project to determine the costs, restrictions, and time frame for building the project. This can also include design sketches and construction drawings.

Do I need a current survey on my property?

A current survey of you property is essential to starting the process. Each town and county is different in terms of their zoning restrictions and requirements. A survey will help us determine what we are dealing with before we start any design work.

What is a design/build agreement?

A design/build agreement is an agreement between a contractor and a potential client that allows the contractor to do a feasibility study for the client and for the contractor to be paid for those services. Each project may have its own set of services that are included in the design agreement. Contractors may have to pay for surveys, visits to the local permitting office or agency, site evaluations and such to determine the feasibility of a project. It can also include working with the client to make product selections to help determine the contract price. The fee is non refundable if the client decides not to move forward with the contractor. If the client and contractor agree to move forward with the construction the fee is usually applied to the cost of the new home or remodel contract.