February Home checklist

Coastal focus laundry roomCalling all homeowners! Get ready for a dose of inspiration and helpful tips from Houzz. Check out these February home checklists.

Get Inspired and Get Things Done: Your February Home Checklist from Houzz. February is a time of year to indulge in home comforts like cooking big-batch meals, reading in the afternoon and watching movies with the family. Here are a dozen ideas to add to your to-do list this month, from the necessary (clearing sidewalks of snow and ice, say) to the just-for-fun (treating yourself to weekly flowers).

Discover the Perfect Kitchen for Entertaining with This Week’s Kitchen of the Week Feature. A designer adds square footage and white-and-wood style, and improves the flow for an empty-nest couple’s get-togethers

Save Money on Your Bathroom Remodel with These Top 10 Cost-Control Tips. You don’t have to fritter away a fortune on a new bathroom. Our experts reveal their 10 insider tips for getting a beautiful bathing space while keeping expenses in check. After all, solid gold faucets, a walk-in rain shower and a whirlpool tub are optional.

Stay Ahead of the Game with the Rising Home Design Trends in 2024. If you’ve got a home project on the horizon you’ll want to know what features and styles will be popular in the year ahead. So to kick off 2024 we put together a collection of home design and remodeling trends we think you’ll be seeing a lot more of. Watch the video to see highlights, and then check out the full article to see more and save photos.

Upgrade Your Living Space with 8 Stylish Entertainment Center Ideas. Your television and its related equipment may be well-used, but you might not want it to be the main feature in your room. Instead, what your screen sits on or in can be the star of the show when the TV is off. Designers on Houzz have devised creative solutions for housing the TV, including full-wall storage units, a home office-media wall and more.

Avoid Common Bathroom Design Mistakes with These Expert Tips. Get your bath right for the long haul by dodging these blunders in toilet placement, shower type and more.

Stay In-the-Know with the Latest Kitchen Remodeling Trends. A growing number of homeowners are making their kitchens more open to other interior spaces and to the outdoors. Many are revamping layouts, modifying walls and requesting longer islands. Spending on kitchens is also on the rise, while pro hiring remains strong. Learn more about these and other important remodeling behaviors — and get kitchen design inspiration — from highlights of the just-released 2024 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study.

Transform Your Home into a Relaxing Haven with These 10 Tips. A home should be more than just somewhere to live. It should also be a retreat — a place in which you feel relaxed and nurtured. All too often, though, our houses slip into a more perfunctory role. Sometimes they even cause stress, confronting us with reminders of things to do as soon as we step through the door. How can we steer our homes toward more cozy shores? Try these mood-enhancing ideas and housekeeping tips to add comfort and keep the to-do-list worries at bay.

Check Out the Latest Laundry Room Ideas for a Fresh Look. Ideally, a laundry room has a washer and dryer, storage and a countertop for folding clothes. When space permits, a sink and a place to air-dry delicates are nice-to-have features too. But whatever their size, the best laundry rooms have durable finishes and thoughtful design details that make them as beautiful as they are functional. Here, pros share the special features they used in 10 new laundry rooms on Houzz.

Embrace Wellness in Your Home with These 12 Easy Steps. Designing for wellness at home means creating spaces that are good for physical and mental health. It incorporates everything from improving air quality to using textures, materials, colors, shapes and furniture layouts that ease anxiety and make us feel closer to nature. Here experts weigh in, offering advice on how people can promote wellness at home. While there are many elements to take into account when building a new home, from the foundation through the roof, this list focuses on small, doable adjustments you can make.