February 2017 House Projects

Welcome to February! We’re continuing our recommendations for house projects, following up on our January 2017 House Projects suggestions. Here is our checklist for February.

Top 5 House Projects for February:

  1. Change your furnace filters. When you change out the filters, take the time to clean inside the furnace and wipe down all vents. Check to ensure registers are clean both inside and out. With all the moisture this winter you may see some black mold. Clean it off immediately.
  2. Give your hardwood floors a good cleaning. We use a product called BONA to clean our floors, and they look great. Floors looking a bit tired and need to be refinished? Call Sandmark Custom Homes; we can pass along recommendations.
  3. Deep clean all bathrooms. Clean out the cabinets and drawers of your vanities, and wipe them down inside and out. Toss expired items like medications, hair products, and other older items. Clean showers and tubs and check plumbing fixtures. Soak your shower head in a ziplock bag of warm water & vinegar. Wipe down shower doors. Wash shower curtains and replace liners. Check and clean light fixtures. Replace bulbs where needed. Clean countertops, mirrors, and toilets. Lastly, mop your bathroom floors.
  4. Tackle those closets. Donate clothing you no longer need. Have boxes in your closets? Take the time to look through them and purge what you no longer use or need.
  5. Thinking about a building project or remodel of your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or deck? Call Sandmark Custom Homes. We’ll explore options with you.

Get a jump on these projects now before the warmer weather moves in. You’ll be ready for hosting family during the spring & summer months. Our March checklist will focus on outdoor projects.