Duck, NC Ranked in 10 Dreamy Islands In The Continental U.S.

1_Starry Starry -23Ever dreamed about retiring to an island? Whenever I see a travel commercial with sand and water, it gets me going. The camera will zoom in behind a couple sitting in beach chairs watching the sunset with the sound of nothing but seagulls. According to the commercial, I can be just like these two people if I book a trip to Aruba, Bermuda or Hawaii. That’s when I start on my fantasy island retirement daydream. Laid back lifestyle, balmy breezes, friendly local proprietors who know my name, rum punch, shellfish and flip flops. And in my fantasy, I’m looking really good walking down the beach in a thong bikini (Hey, this is my fantasy so I get to decide what my beach body looks like). Reggae music plays in the background as the waves gently roll up on the sand. Ahhh. I’ve arrived.

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