Coastal Building

Know the Details of Building on the Coast

The smell of salt in the air, cool ocean breezes, and sun filled days are all things we think of when we think of the beach. The things we love most about the coast can wreak havoc on our homes. Be prepared before you build. Sandmark will help you choose products that will provide the best value over the life of your home.

Quality Coastal Building Materials

Coastal homes require more maintenance and repairs than homes built off the coast. Those repairs can cost a lot of money. To minimize those long term costs we use materials that stand up better to the elements. Stainless steel fasteners, double hot dipped bolts and washers, fiber cement siding, cedar siding, 50 year architectural shingles, ice and water shield, and window tape are all standard materials we use to wrap the exterior of the house. Light color sun proof primers and paints are best to ensure longevity of the paint finish. These materials increase the initial construction costs but on the coast they are a must have and are essential to the longevity of the home.

  • The salt residue breaks down hardware, fasteners, heat pumps, door locks, anything metal.
  • The sun will bake the siding, paint, plastics, and woodwork reducing the life span of exterior materials.
  • The cool ocean breezes can cause hurricane force winds. Those winds blow off shingles, force rain water into cracks, joints, and seams around windows and doors, causing all sorts of moisture problems.