5 Reasons to Choose a Walk-In Shower

Do you love nothing more than an invigorating morning drench but can’t see a way of fitting a shower enclosure into your bathroom layout? Or maybe you want to ditch the bath altogether? Then a walk-in shower — which might have a low curb or be totally curbless — could be the solution. Read why you might want to choose a walk-in shower, and get some helpful advice on how to make this popular bathroom feature work for you.

What defines a walk-in shower? It’s a waterproofed showering area that typically has no hinged doors, enabling you to simply “walk in.” A popular design feature is to have a wet-room-style floor where the floor is tiled throughout, and a preformed shower mat is laid beneath the tiles. However, it’s also possible to have a visible shower tray in a walk-in, but they will have a very low curb or sit flush with the floor so the step is minimal. A totally barrier-free shower entrance offers more flexibility as it can accommodate people who use wheelchairs or others who may have trouble with a curb.

Another common design feature is a frameless and fixed-glass screen that shields the water spray from the rest of the room. Some walk-ins can even be completely open, depending on the size of the space and what works with the rest of the fixtures.