Organize your Bathroom

Creative Ways to Organize your Bathroom

Are you struggling to find a way to organize your bathroom in a functional way? Bathroom cabinets get covered in clutter and you don’t always think to clean them out very often. Check out some bathroom inspiration in this article, “How to Organize Your Bathroom Cabinets,” by Becky Harris. Find a way to tidy up…

4 Laundry Room Ideas

Colorful Ideas to Paint the Laundry Room

White cabinets in every room can start to get dull. Spice up the house and paint the laundry room cabinets. Find some colorful laundry room cabinet inspiration in the Houzz article, “Blue, Green and Gray Cabinets Star in the Top New Laundry Rooms,” by Bryan Anthony. Add some color to your laundry room cabinets with…

Outdoor Living Area

Decorate your Outdoor Living Area

Decorating your outdoor living area is a tough task from choosing furniture that can withstand the weather, and creating a place the family will want to use. There are many styles of decorating your outdoor living spaces in this Houzz article, “Ideas for your Yard from the Most Popular Outdoor Spaces,” by Erin Carlyle. Create…


Create a Dazzling Entry to your Home

First impressions are important even when it comes to houses. Check out these ideas to make the entry to your home set the expectations for your guests from the article “The Most Popular New Entries” by Becky Harris. Create an entrance that will not only fit the style of your house, but also the architecture.…

Potted Plants Fresh in Summer

Keep Your Potted Plants Fresh in Summer

Plants are nice to have around, but its tough to keep most of your plants alive in weather extremes. Your potted plants need a little help so they can continue thriving into the next season. Learn how to keep your potted plants fresh in summer with this article from Houzz, “How to Water and Refresh…


Celebrating 4th of July!

Is your family excited for the 4th of July? The Fourth of July holiday can be such a fun time to celebrate our wonderful country with friends and family. There’s a new Houzz article, “Make Jam! And 7 More Ways to Make the Most of the Coming Weekend” by Laura Gaskill, to give you ideas about…